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                          Popular searches: YG028 Computer type Electronic universal testing machine

                          Established in 2011,Changzhou Alpha Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specialized in the field of testing instrument. Located in Changzhou city, Alpha is adjacent to Shanghai only 150 KM away. It covers about 3,000 square meters with more than 20 staffs. Besides, Alpha has a long-term cooperation with the local colleges which made us has a strong R&D capability. The main products are testing instruments and laboratory equipments for testing the physical and chemical properties of cotton yarn, chemical fiber, fabric, non-woven fabric, metal wire, rubber and other materials.

                          Add: No. 2, Gaojia Road, Niutang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City
                          Tel: +86-519-86712518 / 86712528 / 88992578 / 83380857
                          Fax: +86-519-86712579
                          Email: alpha_machinery@foxmail.com
                          Website: www.taoquanlou.com

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